Must Read Texas – October 14,2013

Pro Perry Group TV Ads Start Tomorrow;
Robert Miller Previews 2014 Legislative Races;
UT/TT Poll Finds Water Fund Supported 52-19
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Politico’s Alex Burns reports:

An advocacy group tied to Texas Gov. Rick Perry is poised to launch a six-figure national ad campaign criticizing dysfunction in Washington and declaring that “conservative governors” are leading the way with policy solutions, POLITICO has learned.

Americans for Economic Freedom, a conservative 501(c)4 nonprofit, will run TV ads for 10 days on Fox News, MSNBC and CNBC, as well as radio ads on a host of nationally syndicated shows. The television commercials feature Perry talking about the work of Republican state executives outside D.C.

The ads will hit the TV and radio airwaves Tuesday, against a backdrop of historic public disgust with Washington, D.C., as the federal government remains shut down and teetering on the edge of defaulting on its debts.

“Washington needs to change, but the president keeps playing politics,” Perry, the former 2012 presidential candidate, says in the ad. “Conservative leadership is putting people back to work, and families are building their futures. We need more of that and less of Washington.”

He specifically mentions balancing state budgets and “reforming taxes and regulations” as signature gubernatorial accomplishments.

Perry, who announced earlier this year that he would not seek a fourth full term as governor in 2014, has toured the country in recent months touting his record of job creation in Texas. Under the banner of AEF, he has visited states such as California and Missouri, and run ads in Maryland, making the case that companies in Democratic-run states should relocate to conservative-led states like Texas.

While the group is not technically an electioneering entity, its activities have the effect of keeping Perry in the public eye as he weighs another possible White House bid in 2016.

The message of the new AEF campaign — that Americans should look to state capitals for economic leadership — is one that other GOP governors have also pushed amid the ongoing budget standoff in Washington, which polls show has taken a significant toll on the Republican Party brand. Earlier this month, the Republican Governors Association unveiled a digital ad push highlighting the “American comeback” in states governed by Republicans.


Locke Lord’s Robert Miller previews the 15 competitive State House districts and and one State Senate in the 2014 cycle.


TT’s Neena Satija reports that a new poll conducted by the Texas Tribune and the University of Texas, finds 52 percent supporting this November’s constitutional amendment to create a $2 billion water fund.
Only 19 percent opposed, while 24 percent were undecided.

– DMN’s David Barer reports that while state leaders are pushing for the public to support this November’s constitutional amendment for water infrastructure, critics are asking why the $2 billion is needed when billions of dollars in financing is already available and sits unused.

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– SAEN/Chron’s Peggy Fikac’s weekly column asks (behind paywall) if there would be a government shutdown if U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) were not in the Senate. 

Other stories of interest:
– AAS’ Kate Alexander reports (behind paywall) that only four charter schools in Austin appear to qualify for the expansion passed by the Texas Legislature.
– Veterans 
broke through barricades at the WWII Memorial Sunday.

Lighter clicks:
– Banksy sold art in New York and no one knew.
– Enjoy retirement, Detective Munch.
– Catching up with Pat Green.
– Jack Ingram trades Nashville for Texas.
– NYT/IHT on Austin’s hotel boom.
– They take their “football” losses especially hard in Panama. (Bad language)
– Bill Simmons on Magic’s NBA Countdown departure.
– Keep your eye on 6’9″ Texas-based hoops prospect Elijah Thomas.
– NBC’s Bob Costas calls the Washington Redskins mascot a “slur.”
– The crowd at Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs, broke an international noise level record (137.5 decibels) on Sunday.
– Today’s celebration of Cleveland Browns continual failure.
– This guy’s an idiot.
– Hey Rory: Get a sense of humor.
– This guy needs de-caf immediately.

Your Daily Source of Inspiration:
– This will inspire you.


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