Dallas Morning News Bias – October 14, 2013

Shutdown Is A Republican Victory
2) Obamacare enrollees become urban legend
3) Biden vacations at Camp David as WWII Memorial remains ‘Barry-caded’
4) Cruz easily wins 2016 presidential straw poll
5) U.S. consumers, companies running up record debt
Meanwhile The News’ ” news”
*Protesters push into [WWII] memorial, p. 8A – Here’s a lie: “[Ted] Cruz and [Mike] Lee are among the tea party-backed lawmakers who refused to keep the government operating unless President Barack Obama agreed to defund the nation’s health care overhaul.” Cruz and Lee can’trefuse to keep the government open. They’re both in the Senate. The U.S.House of Representatives refused to fund the government. (BTW, since the House refused initially, Dear Leader Obama and Harry Reid have refused multiple offers to end the stalemate.) … The idea here is to target/isolate/marginalize Cruz and Lee for having caused the “shut-down” — and plenty of low-info types will believe it.  Missing context:never before have open-air war memorials been closed during a government “shutdown.”
*Study: BPA may raise miscarriage risk, AP, p. 4A – It MAY? Dear God, run it! Top o’ the page!! … More left-wing hysteria, folks. … See below, the angle The News won’t tell you. … (BTW, abortion kills — and there’s no “may” to it.)
*Al-Qaeda rebounds since U.S. left [Iraq], AP, p. 11A – FINALLY! AP admits all hell has been loosed since Dear Leader’s 2011 pullout. Oddly, though, “President Barack Obama” does not appear in the story.
*Insider attack kills U.S. soldier, NYT, p. 11A – “President Barack Obama” does not appear. (It’s his war, right?)
*A year later, Sandy still causing residents pain, AP, p. 6A – “President Barack Obama” does not appear. (It’s his relief effort, right?)
*Tehran readies new nuclear proposal, NYT, p. 10A – “President Barack Obama” does not appear. (It’s his foreign policy, right?)

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.