Dallas Morning News Bias – October 13, 2013

1) Black conservative Dr. Ben Carson: Obamacare the worst thing to happen in U.S. since slavery
(The News reports nothing on Carson. NADA.)
2) Obamacare rates trigger more sticker shock
3) Veterans march on D.C. today
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*It’s up to the Senate, p. 1A – No here’s the headline today: Obama rejects latest GOP offer. (See below) … Dear Leader wants this shutdown — always has. He knew he’d never be blamed for any of it by the mainstream media. Hacks at The News, BTW, are playing it perfectoto his liking.
*Extremists were few yet vocal in ‘city of hate,’ p. 1A – AnotherDallas-Conservatives-Killed-JFK-Please-Don’t-Let-The-Tea-Party-Do-This-To-Us- Again feature! (About the third one this year, no?) Understand, folks — and I think I noted it earlier: a main goal of The News’ JFK50 series is to cement for posterity the notion that strong conservative opposition to liberalism killed a president. That is a lie. Conservatives had nothing to do with JFK’s death — but it matters not to j-schoolers who’ve glommed onto the assassination as a vehicle to attack political opponents. (Again, read George Will’s recent column below.) … Here’s how DMN Dem scribe Scott Parks, in this massive full-page story, treats the truth that Oswald was a left-winger, a communist(buried deep on jump-page 13A, paraphrased): It jes’ doesn’t make any sense — dang it! Parks really said: “[Oswald’s wife] could offer no logical explanation for why Lee Oswald, an avowed leftist would target … the president, who was despised by so many on the right.” Yeah, amazing, huh? So The News makes up an answer! … BTW, the Left’s rage against W. Bush dwarfs anything staunch conservatives said or did regarding Kennedy or his allies in the 60s.
*FEMA office hit by shutdown, p. 5B – There is no “shutdown.” The federal government is 83% up and running.
*‘Air of uncertainty’, p. 1D – In a nutshell, from DMN Dem scribe Sheryl Jean: Though we’re running trillion-dollar deficits and are $17 trillion in debt, cuts are simply too painful to fathom. The status quo? Much more desirable! (She doesn’t mention the first part, though.)
*UT considers proposal to eliminate 500 jobs, AP, p. 4A – Well, we know it couldn’t be Obamacare, ‘cuz AP doesn’t mention it — plus DMN Dem scribe Michael Lindenberger told us yesterday Obamacare was NOT killing jobs. Oh — and gotta note this idiotic editorial flourish from Lindenberger yesterday, (emphasis mine): “Elected officials opposed to Obamacare say they continue to hear stories of firms cutting hours or jobs as a result of [employer mandate] thresholds, though they won’t take effect until 2015.” Yeah, Mike. Businesses NEVERlook THAT far ahead! LOL.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.