Dallas Morning News Bias – October 4, 2013

1) Obamacare exchange sends 2,400 Social Security numbers to broker
2) Young, healthy student must pay $175 monthly premium 
(But recall DMN Dem scribe Landers highlighted a single “success” story this week.)
3) Reid blocks funding for veterans, national parks
4) Border Patrol rep: agents being told to stand down
5) IRS targeted black conservative after prayer breakfast speech
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*[Wendy] Davis joins race, saying ‘Texans deserve better’, p. 1A – (Not unborn Texans, of course.) … Isn’t she cute! Hard to believe mean ol’ Greg Abbott calls her an “extremist,” as The News notes in this Davis photo-caption for self-serving irony. … DMN Dem scribe Gromer Jeffers, Jr. reports that her speech highlighted her “rising from the trailer park to Harvard Law School and the Texas Senate …” Yeah, Gromes, and before all that, she was an embryo — a blob of cells! Go figger!  … As is DMN scribes’ custom, the most conservative viewpoint comes near the end and is quickly rebutted in conclusion. To wit (emphasis mine): “It’s not a winnable race [for Davis],” said Republican consultant Matt Mackowiak. “She’s going to have a real problem with her liberal voting record, and she’s not qualified to be the chief executive officer of the state of Texas.” BUT supporters say Davis is a veteran of tough campaigns. … [Davis consultant] Matt Angle said the senator’s district was a microcosm of Texas. “The state has insider leadership that looks out for itself and stopped doing great things to keep Texas great. She’s somebody who’s demonstrated that she’s willing to use her own political capital to help the people of this state.” THE END!
*Vaccine failing to stop [whooping cough] disease, p. 1A  DMN Dem scribe Sherry Jacobson would never dream of suggesting illegal immigration has anything to do with this.
*Mayor Rawlings: ‘People kinda like God,’ p. 8B – Uh, oh. Dallas’ Democrat mayor says “there ought to be a robust discussion of God in schools,” and “God can play an important role in education.” Better bury this baby in Metro, single-column, along the spine.



*Disarmament experts report early progress in Syria, AP/NYT, p. 18A – Oh, good. … Now why is Dear LeaderObama arming al Qaeda-aligned “rebels” over there?

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.