Dallas Morning News Bias – October 2, 2013

*Obamacare Fight Is Just Beginning, by Rich Lowry
*Obama Owns This Shutdown, by John Boehner
*Shutdown’s Effects On Obama’s Head, by Bob Woodward
1) Obamacare leaves Georgia’s largest hospital $45 million short
2) CNN, MSNBC anchors, others, unable to access Obamacare
3) Another loss for Holder, DOJ, in ‘Fast and Furious’ docs fight
4) After three years, IRS-blocked tea party group gets tax-exempt status
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*D.C. at a standstill as shutdown sinks in, NYT, p. 1A – This is good news, right? (The Times thinks not. Pure hysteria.)
*Snags, [Internet] traffic cloud [Obamacare] debut, p. 1A – Hey, cool! A DMN columnist handles today’s front-page hard news! DMN Dem scribe Jim Landers, who yesterday penned a Business commentary titled, Here’s to a healthy [Obamacare] launch, “reports” today on the launch. And — surprise! — he’s more than forgiving of this mess! To paraphrase Landers: Yeah, some glitches, and some folks don’t like the law — but I found plenty ofgubment hacks and others who’ll benefit financially to say, “Things’ll get better!! You’ll see!! Besides, Obamacare’snot going away!!” Oh, and I found this one couple in an online chat room, Gwen and Alan Lummus, who say “it looks like” they could save “about 50 to 60 percent” with Obamacare. They’re my one and only example here — out of millions! And at the end, when I note a party-pooper saying “unless younger people enroll as well, insurance will become prohibitively expensive,” I quickly rebut, in conclusion: “Others remained positive,” and quote a healthcareCEO who claims to be “very pleased,” and says “[Obamacare] will be a great consumer innovation.” I’ll explain further in my next commentary!
*Federal employees in North Texas unwillingly miss work, paycheck, p. 1A; Texas bracing for fallout, p. 11A –The News dutifully does its part in the now time-tested, well-worn media strategy: We may not survive!! (There’s quite possibly a media-standard Government-Shutdown Stylebook.)
*[Dallas ISD] announces switch to free meals for all students, p. 1A – (Hey, Mr./Ms. Copy Editor: there’s no such thing as “free” food. Just sayin’.) … Yeah, what the hell. Give it to all of ’em. The 89 percent of DISD kids (they’re all “poor”) who already get “free”/ reduced-price food don’t need to be “stigmatized” any longer, as this DISD rep says. Makes sense, evidently, to The News’ Dem scribe, Matthew Haag: Not a single negative vibe in this story. It’s all good, baby! Just think: parents are relieved of the financial “burden” of feeding their kids! No down side! None! Haag doesn’t say where we’re gettin’ this money either. (Doesn’t need to, I guess, after parroting the DISDpropaganda: This will “save” money!)
*McKinney teen on trial in sex assault case, p. 1A – DMN Dem scribe Val “I Saved Frisco” Wigglesworth is all over this — giving us the-who- performed-oral-sex-on-whom-front-seat-or-back-seat details. Thanks, Val! … Recall another 13-year-old girl from this summer, folks. She was gang-raped by perhaps 10 men in Austin and The Newstotally ignored it — censored it — because two of those arrested were Mexican illegal immigrants.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.