Dallas Morning News Bias – October 1, 2013

1) Obamacare website quietly deletes reference to ‘free health care’
2) Feds approve taxpayer-funded abortion coverage

3) Obamacare navigators warned: don’t leave tax returns on fax machine
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Congress stuck in standoff, NTY, p. 1A – Oh, this is balanced coverage: three quotes bashing conservative Republicans before getting to one — deep on 10A — that describes a portion the conservative position. See below, how/why we got here:
*Here’s to healthy [Obamacare] launch, Global Beat, p. 1D – And here’s to you, Jim Landers! Cheers, comrade! [clink] Lemme know how that employer mandate works out at your newspaper, will ya? … So this Global Beatcolumn — help me out: what does pushing Obamacare propaganda have to do with the “Global Beat,” Jim? Sort of acatch-all title, huh? Pretty much anything you want to write about happens on “the globe,” right? Or what — you’re reporting from Bangkok or something? (“The Thais hope for a good launch too!”)
*No time for D.C.’s drama, Schnurman Commentary, p. 1D – A Business two-fer! TWO “business” columns today pushing Obamacare! … Schnurm schneers, “The fight over Obamacare and the government shutdown may give the impression that the health law is in trouble.” No, Pythagoras — the health law gives the impression the health law is in trouble. Its cost is almost TRIPLE what we were told; millions WILL lose their plans, their doctors; premiums did NOT go down; the exchanges are NOT ready; Dear Leader is PICKING AND CHOOSING what parts of the law he’ll enforce or delay; the American people DO NOT want it.
*U.S gives Texas a waiver on No Child Left Behind Rules, AP, p. 1A – Yeah, it was just too hard!WAAAAAAAA! … Ah, The Age of Dear Leader Obama, when He and his leftist thugs decide what laws to enforce — and the mainstream media coo. Here — libs don’t like No Child Left Behind, Congress won’t change it, so to hell with it — and what ‘er you gonna do about it? They’ve pronounced NCLB outdated” (everybody agrees, doncha know) and graciously allowed states to beg for waivers in exchange for implementing their leftist agenda. And guess what? States jumped at it! YIPPEEEEE! AP reports this as no biggie: Laws, you see, are “waived” all the time — and it’s cool, ‘cuz Obama knows best! (But, you Republicans — don’t jack with Obamacare!) … Get a better idea of what’s behind this crap below:
*34 cross into Texas to test limits of [Obama’s] deferred action policy [on illegal immigration], AP, p. 4A –You’re kidding, right? There ARE NO LIMITS on Obama policy. It’s whatever He decides. … More lawless rule, folks, reported here as innocuously as your weekend weather forecast. … Odd, though: Dear Leader’s not mentioned here — just that “a change” was made “to U.S. immigration regulations in June of 2012 …” (See, you don’t need to be reminded that He just did it — all by his tyrant self.)

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.