Dallas Morning News Bias – September 28, 2013

Former homosexual Christopher Doyle of Voice of the Voiceless
(To paraphrase Gordon Keith’s Atheist Church Op-Ed from yesterday, “Listening to one former homosexual won’t kill us, will it?”)
1) Widespread glitches plague Obamacare launch
2) Guest workers hired to implement Obamacare
3) Hacked-data brokers could spell trouble for Obamacare
4) Seymour Hersh blasts ‘pathetic’ American media
5) Poll: 76% of GOP now ‘conservative’
(So much for The News’ portrayal of tea partiers as fringe outliers. Romney lost, BTW, because 4 million conservatives stayed home.)
6) Hurricane activity remains historically low
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Obama calls Iran’s leader, NYT, p. 1A – Finally! We have a president who understands nutty Iranian Islamo-Nazis! We are SOOOO fortunate! (Must be his Muslim training as a child in Indonesia.) … Missing context here: Dear Leader Obama negotiates with Islamo-Nazis, but not Republicans.
*Officials spread word on Obamacare, Mercedes Olivera column, p. 5B – Did the “officials” tell folks about Dear Leader’s waivers for certain businesses? How about the delay in the employer mandate, but NOT the individual mandate? How ’bout skyrocketing premiums and reduced services? How ’bout the lost jobs, the full-time work cut to part-time? How ’bout the delay in the Medicare cuts? How ’bout the delay in capping out-of-pocket costs? How ’bout union opposition to Obamacare? Did Mayor “Fred Flintstone” and “Witchy-Poo” Sebelius mention ANY of that? No. They didn’t. But race-journalist Olivera assures they covered thereally important stuff: the propaganda.
*Texas is sued on abortion, p. 1A – What a cute front-page pic of smiling former-embryo Cecile Richards! Hard to believe Sweet Ceece thinks sticking scissors in the back of a baby’s head or a vacuum in the womb involves “women’s health.” Just couldn’t be. … Still looking for a DMN late-term abortion feature. Oh, and see below, a story you’ll never find in The News:
*Trying to flush out the truth about wipes, Steve Blow, p. 1B – Can’t talk about late-term abortion, folks, but Fretful Stevie Blow has the latest news in feces wipes. Nice, Stevie. Funny puns too!
*Perry education ally targets [Democrat] senator, p. 3A – What — he was gonna shoot her? … See, to The News and its lefty allies, when Republicans play hardball like Dems, it’s portrayed as somehow unfair, evencriminal. (See Tom DeLay.) That’s what DMN Democrat scribe David Barer does here. … BTW, The News likely has scores of open-records requests out on Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, other conservatives — (ZERO on “Abortion Barbie”) — but that, of course, is not “targeting.”

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.