Dallas Morning News Bias – September 27, 2013

White House flouting law with Obamacare subsidies for Congress
1) Dem senator backs delaying Obamacare individual mandate
2) More unions turn on Obamacare
3) Debt ceiling raised seven times under Obama, costing $43,000 per household
4) Poll: Americans think Putin more effective on Syria than Obama
(It’s not even close.)
5) Journalists flood to work in Obama administration
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*[Wendy] Davis to run for governor, p. 1A – Weaselly Wascally Wayne Slater has the front-page Op-Ed! She’s running! Thank Atheist God! (That’s a shout-out to hip Gordon Keith’s “atheist church” Op-Ed on 17A: “We have hundreds of flavors of Christianity in the D-FW area. Another taste of palpable atheism won’t kill us.” As long it won’t kill us, Gordo!) … No doubting the strategy here, folks: in two separate stories – literally four inches apart – we’re told Abortion Barbie was a single mother at 19, living in a trailer park [and if not for Democrats, she never would’ve amounted to anything.] … You know what? Her candidacy offers The News a wonderful opportunity to finally run a bigSunday feature on her signature issue: late-term abortion. Why not? Be sure to include lotsa diagrams and pictures, and interviews with humans who survived it, mothers who regret it — you know, all the angles, both sides, like George Bannerman Dealey woulda wanted!
*Budget deal still elusive, WashPo, p. 1A – Washington “stumbled toward a shutdown” Thursday and “the Republican party’s right wing,” the “hardliners,” are to blame. That’s WashPo’s Quick Take! We’re also warned of “a first-ever default” in the first sentence. (That couldn’t happen with the hundreds of billions that come into the federal government each month — unless Dear Leader Obama chose to default, chose to simply not service our debt.)
*Justice fights disclosing names, p. 1D – “There’s no legal basis” for forcing DOJ to disclose names of people it talked to before filing suit to block American’s merger with USAir, “the agency’s attorneys argue.” Context apparently lost on DMN Dem scribe Terry Maxon: there’s “no legal basis” for much of anything Eric Holder has been doing for the last five years.
*Man put to death for 1999 slaying, AP, p. 3A – Missing Editor’s Note: The Dallas Morning News opposes the death penalty in all instances — even for this vicious slug who stabbed “the victim” 94 times for $50. (Printing the name or even the sex of “the victim” would cause undue angst, perhaps sympathy, from our readers — so we refrained.) We would have preferred this obviously underserved killer raised by obviously underserved parents in an obviously underserved community be fed, clothed and provided free computer access for the rest of his days. See — we know better than you. We think. Much love, Bob Mong.

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.