Must Read Texas – September 26, 2013

BREAKING: Politico Reports Wendy Davis is Running for Governor;
WSJ: Perry to Announce New Group Fri in Missouri;

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Your stop-what-you-are-doing Must Reads:
> Politico reports that State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) is notifying select individuals that she will for the Texas Governor in 2014
> WSJ’s Neil King 
reports on the announcement that Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) is set to make in Missouritomorrow of a new organization, Americans for Economic Freedom, which will help him tell the Texas story.

– TT’s Reeve Hamilton reports that the UT System acknowledged that UT president Bill Powers should have been notified of contact a UT Regent had with Alabama head football coach Nick Saban.
– TT’s Neena Satija reports with an update on the legal battle over state regulation of groundwater resources.

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– DMN’s Bob Garrett sought the views of the four Republican candidates for Lt. Gov. on Sen. Cruz’s effort to defund Obamacare.
– Konni Burton, a Republican candidate for SD-10, which is currently represented by State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth), released a timely new campaign video touting her work to elect Ted Cruz to the U.S. Senate.

Other stories of interest:
– The largest wind farm in the country (behind paywall) is planned for an area southeast of Plainview, TX.
– TT’s Neena Satija reports that researchers at Rice University believe that the state of Texas is not ‘ready for the next Hurricane.’
– Bill Gates bought the Four Seasons in Houston.
– The new Big Tex revealed.

Lighter Clicks:
– This woman has serious problems.
– The most unusual AP headline ever?
– An explanation of what Google Fiber (which is coming to Austin) is.
– The Cotton Bowl has been updated and has a somewhat new look for this year’s Red River Rivalry.
– Looking forward to being in the loudest college football stadium for my bachelor party in November.
– If you’re a certain age, learning that NBA Jam was rigged is either mildly depressing or clarifying.
– A fantastic scientific review which finds that most pompous sports pundit by measuring their use of “I/we.”
– Good news for flyover country: the Yankees missed the Playoffs (only 2nd time in last 19 years).
– Exit Sandman.

Your Daily Source of Inspiration:
– Marvels of modern science: Man walks with thought-controlled bionic leg.


POLITICO: Wendy Davis tells Democrats she’s in (9/26/13 3:49pm)

DMN ($): Born in Canada, Ted Cruz became a citizen of that country, as well as U.S. (8/19/13 1:43am) – See more at:

WSJ: Rick Perry prepares to retake national stage (9/26/13 1:29pm)

NYT: Cruz, Tea Party hero, rankles Senate G.O.P. colleagues (9/26/13 1:27pm)

POLITICO: Ted Cruz: political anarchist or genius? (9/26/13 1:25pm)

AP: in 21 hours, Cruz talks Obamacare on GOP terms (9/26/13 1:22pm)

AP: ‘Cruz effect’ further empowering Texas grassroots (9/26/13 1:18pm)

AP: Cornyn lauds Cruz, but won’t support government shutdown (9/26/13 1:17pm)

DMN: George W. Bush, 7 weeks after heart procedure: ‘I’m getting a lot better’ (9/26/13 1:14pm)

DMN: American Airlines sees jobs decline more than 7,000 since its bankruptcy (9/26/13 1:13pm)

DMN: Patterson, Patrick (sort of), support government shutdown to squelch Obamacare, while rivals won’t show their hands (9/26/13 1:11pm)

DMN: Cruz lampooned in knock off of Obama poster (9/26/13 12:45pm)

DMN ($): Country’s largest wind farm planned in Texas Panhandle (9/26/13 12:24pm)

KTRK ABC HOUSTON: Newly appointed Harris County DA speaks exclusively to ABC13 about late husband, future (9/26/13 12:14pm)

CHRON ($): Cruz talkfest energizes base (9/26/13 12:09pm)

CHRON ($): Long-term tenants displaced in trend to build high-end (9/26/13 12:08pm)

CHRON: Sen. John Cornyn criticizes the signing of UN Arms Treaty (9/26/13 12pm)

SAEN ($): Leaders in San Antonio urge voters to OK water supply expansion (9/26/13 11:56am)

SAEN ($): Mexican state’s ex-Governor is accused of embezzlement (9/26/13 11:55am)

SAEN ($): Ethics complaints dismissed for Chan and Bernal (9/26/13 11:53am)

SAEN ($): DPS checkpoints upset Valley (9/26/13 11:53am)

SAEN: George P. Bush brings land commissioner campaign to Seguin (9/26/13 11:45am)

AAS ($): Cruz’s tactics strain relationship with Cornyn, other GOP leaders (9/26/13 11:42am)

KTBC FOX AUSTIN: All-Night Talkathon (9/26/13 9:55am)

TT / KUT: Exchanges May Provide Relief to Families Seeking Coverage for Kids (9/26/13 7:35am)

TT: Lawyers, Policy Experts Weigh In on Groundwater Case (9/26/13 7:35am)

TT: After Federal Change, Border Cattle Industry Struggles (9/26/13 7:33am)

TT: Researchers: Texas Not Ready for Next Hurricane (9/26/13 7:31am)

TT: Abbott: Legal Action Could Follow Arms Treaty Approval (9/26/13 7:29am)

TT: UT System: Should Have Told Powers About Saban (9/26/13 7:27am)

AUDIO: U.S. Sen.Ted Cruz (R-TX) on the Rush Limbaugh radio show (9/26/13 6:46am)

FORBES: Arizona, Texas Head List Of Best States For Expected Job Growth (9/26/13 5:37am)

HUFF POST: Teamsters President James P. Hoffa Tells Ted Cruz To Stop ‘Misusing’ His Obamacare Criticism (9/26/13 5:23am)

REUTERS: U.S. Senator John McCain takes talkathoner Ted Cruz to woodshed (9/26/13 5:23am)

REUTERS: Business groups ask Texas high court to affirm asbestos causation standard (9/26/13 5:22am)

POLITICO: John Boozman thrashes Ted Cruz for Obamacare tactics (9/26/13 5:16am)

WASH POST: Canadians don’t understand Ted Cruz’s health-care battle (9/25/13 5:16am)

POLITICO: Ted Cruz speech reignites John McCain feud (9/25/13 12am)

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON: Source in Ted Cruz GQ Article Is a Disbarred Convict (9/25/13 11:59pm)

BUZZFEED: Ted Cruz Privately Approached Harry Reid To Ask For Time To “Filibuster” (9/25/13 11:58pm)

DES MOINES REGISTER: Cruz continues speech on ‘Obamacare’ , misses Branstad fundraiser appearance (9/25/13 11:57pm)


DMN: Navy Yard massacre shows clearance system needs an overhaul (9/26/13 1:15pm)

DMN: Shakedown for a silly voter ID law (9/26/13 1:15pm)

CHRON: Mrs. District Attorney (9/26/13 12:02pm)

CHRON: It’s all about Ted (9/26/13 12:02pm)

SAEN: Taking advantage of tough times (9/26/13 11:47am)

AAS ($): Taxpayers run over for road project near F1 (9/26/13 11:41am)

NYT: The Embarrassment of Senator Ted Cruz (9/26/13 5:15am)

BLOGS (from the left)

BFL: My Ted Talk on TV (9/26/13 9:53pm)

BOR: Wendy Davis Recognized This Week for Cracking Down on Sexual Predators, Protecting Public Schools (9/26/13 5:17am)

BLOGS (from the right)

NEWSBUSTERS: Unlike ‘Bizarre,’ ‘Long-Winded’ Ted Cruz, Media Loved Protest of ‘Political Star’ Wendy Davis (9/26/13 5:19am)

PAT DOLLARD: RUSH: Ted Cruz Just Drew The ‘Red Line’ On Obama (9/26/13 5:18am)

LIFE NEWS: Media Hailed Wendy Davis’ Abortion Filibuster as Heroic, But Attack Ted Cruz (9/26/13 5:17am)

OFFICE OF SEN. CRUZ: Cruz: Congress Should Listen to American People, Defund Obamacare (9/25/13 11:35pm)

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