Dallas Morning News Bias – September 26, 2013

*Cruz Control Should Be Standard For GOP Models, by Ann Coulter 
*The Fed’s ‘hidden agenda’ behind money-printing, by Peter Tanous
1) ‘Global warming’ believers feel the heat
2) Census: state, local taxes at record high

3) Vatican official: No Communion for Pelosi; she ‘persists in grave sin’
(Yet Bush 41 “witnessing” for a homosexual “marriage” gets DMN space today.)
4) Obama has 19 million fake Twitter followers
1) IRS Watchdog: $67 million missing from Obamacare slush fund
2) Obamacare premiums test limits of affordability
3) Tennessee: Obamacare will triple men’s premiums, double women’s
4) D.C. fail: Obamacare premium prices not available till mid-November
5) The young take hit with Obamacare premiums
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*Cruz’s talkathon draws predictably mixed reviews, p. 1A – Gee, never saw that headline for sweet Abortion Barbie. … Todd “The Hack” Gillman is back with another front-page “Long-Take” Op-ed! Todd describes Cruz after his remarkable speech thus: “tie askew, feet grumbling and stomach growling. Again, nothing like that in The News for Abortion Barbie! Ever.
No mention here that the American people — remember them? — don’t want Obamacare.
No mention here that GOP senators had their phone lines melted yesterday.
*One filibuster unites party; another divides, Between The Lines, p. 8A – A second “news” Op-ed today! Between Wayne Slater’s Ears explains how Cruz’s feat was a dud ‘cuz it “divided” his party, whereas Abortion Barbie “energized” hers. So — Wendy 1, Ted 0. Got it?  … Folks, this Republican “split” is inevitable:there’s just one group left in this country not along for the leftist ride to Utopian Hell. It’s large, and it happens to reside in the GOP. Dems on the other hand are ALL IN — for EVERYTHING. The News portrays this dynamic as somehow indicative of Dems’ superior goals. It’s BS.
*Letters To The Editor, p. 12A – 3-1, anti-Cruz. Typical.
*Shakedown for Voter ID Law, Editorial, p. 12A – The News’ Democrat EdBoard, with the likes of Tod “Che” Robberson and Ralph De La “Open Borders,” backs continued Dem voter-fraud! Who knew? All the usual here: 1) there’s no evidence of voter fraud, at least not enough (Sez you — see Greg Abbott below — but why should ANYlawful Texas citizen’s vote be cancelled?); 2) the bill is “silly” and “costly” (Obamacare said what?); and 3) Republicans “muscled through” the bill (Yawn — so how’d Obamacare get passed again?) … There’s simply no reason for any Texan not to have a valid form of identification. It’s just too ease to get. Texas is bending over backwards.
*[Syrian] Rebel alliance [with Muslim terrorists, al Qaeda] a blow to U.S., WashPo/AP/McClatchy, p. 1A – Yeah, so what about Dear Leader Obama arming these guys? Story doesn’t say.
*Americans’ net worth up, Fed reports, AP, p. 3D – Right. America’s net worth is “up” due to $85 billion being printed each month — out of thin air! LOL. Story doesn’t mention that though. AP is just concerned that this“wealth” is not being “evenly distributed.” (That, friends, is the media’s dinner bell for Dear Leader and his Socialist buds to intervene.)

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.