Must Read Texas – September 25, 2013

MacLaggan on Cruz’s Leads 21 Hour Talking ‘Filibuster’;
Politico on Cornyn/Cruz Split; Sitton Announces for RRC
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Three things you must read/know:
> TT’s Corrie MacLaggan wraps up U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’s 21 hour ‘filibuster’ and measures its political significance.
> Politico reports on the differing strategic views on Obamacare between Texas’ two U.S. Senators.
> Ryan Sitton, a former candidate for State Rep., announced his campaign for the Republican nomination for Texas Railroad Commissioner —

– Judge Ken Anderson, who presided in the Morton case has resigned, while facing an ethics investigation.

2013 / 2014 / 2016:
– AAS reports (behind paywall) that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R-TX) could sue if the UN Small Arms Treaty is ratified by the U.S. Senate.

Other stories of interest:
– SAEN reports (behind paywall) that the streetcar plan has been approved.
– Craig James has an ally file a lawsuit against Fox Sports Southwest.

Lighter Clicks:
– The sequel to “Dumb and Dumber” is in production — early pics.
– Obscene slander, which some see as funny, regarding Craig James now being promoted through t-shirt sales.
– It’s been 19 years since one of the greatest plays in college football history.

Your Daily Source of Inspiration:
– Thank God you were born and/or currently live in America.


DMN ($): Born in Canada, Ted Cruz became a citizen of that country, as well as U.S. (8/19/13 1:43am) – See more at:

WASH POST (The Fix): When Ted Cruz started talking (9/25/13 7:10pm)

POLITICO: A Texas-size divide between John Cornyn, Ted Cruz (9/25/13 7:10pm)

TT: Cruz’s Speech Further Propels Him Into National Spotlight (9/25/13 6:57pm)

DMN: Ted Cruz and Wendy Davis: A tale of two filibusters (9/25/13 6:50pm)

DMN: Speaker Straus stops in Dallas to promote water measure (9/25/13 6:48pm)

DMN: The details of Cruz’s ‘not really a filibuster’ filibuster (9/25/13 6:46pm)

DMN: Former prosecutor in Michael Morton case resigns as judge (9/25/13 6:43pm)

DMN: Liberty Institute sends Fox Sports Southwest letter demanding Craig James be rehired (9/25/13 6:42pm)

FWST ($): Health plans on Texas exchange priced below national average (9/25/13 6:29pm)

FWST ($): Cruz-ing strategy: Texas senator attacking Obamacare with an eye on 2016? (9/25/13 6:27pm)

CHRON ($): Gate proposed to protect Houston’s industrial base (9/25/13 6:23pm)

CHRON ($): First details released of Obamacare plans in Texas (9/25/13 6:22pm)

CHRON: Mayoral challenger to air new TV ad (9/25/13 6:10pm)

SAEN ($): Who benefited from Cruz speech? Cruz did, experts say (9/25/13 5:56pm)

SAEN ($): SAWS wants two rate increases (9/25/13 5:52pm)

SAEN ($): Streetcar route gets trustees’ approval (9/25/13 5:51pm)

SAEN: Cruz ends talkathon, yields Senate floor after 21 hours (9/25/13 5:47pm)

SAEN: Money laundering allegations against former governor of Mexican border state (9/25/13 5:44pm)

SAEN: Breakdown – streetcar vote (9/25/13 5:43pm)

AAS ($): Cornyn on Cruz: Good speech, bad tactic (9/25/13 5:29pm)

AAS ($): Anderson trial reset to November (9/25/13 5:28pm)

AAS ($): Abbott warns arms treaty could spur Texas to sue (9/25/13 5:28pm)

TT: Feds Release Premium Rates for Insurance Marketplace (9/25/13 5:16pm)

BUZZFEED: How Ted Cruz’s Anti-Obamacare Filibuster Could Cost Him Millions (9/25/13 2:07pm)

POLITIFACT: Texas governor’s ‘bad budgeting’ not to blame for announced plans to convert 83 miles of roads to gravel (9/25/13 2:05pm)

ABC NEWS: Texas Judge Who Prosecuted Innocent Man Resigns (9/25/13 2:05pm)

AUSTIN CULTURE MAP: Texas Tribune’s Evan Smith talks Wendy Davis, loving politics more than football and the tampon controversy (9/25/13 2:03pm)

TT: Judge Ken Anderson Resigns Amid Ethics Lawsuit, by Brandi Grissom (9/25/13 2:02pm)

SCOTUS BLOG: U.S. allowed into Texas voting case (9/25/13 2pm)

WASH POST (Wonk Blog): Wonkbook: Ted Cruz is no Rand Paul (9/25/13 1:54pm)

DAILY BEAST: Ted Cruz’s Fake Fight Against Obamacare Is Making Millions (9/25/13 1:53pm)

WSJ: Ted Cruz Ends Speech Opposing Health Law (9/25/13 1:53pm)

POLITICO: Ted Cruz, Wendy Davis and media bias (9/25/13 1:37pm)

YAHOO NEWS: Rick Perry: Shutting down government to defund Obamacare not a good option (9/25/13 11:08am)

TW: Bag Bans May Sweep Through Texas Again (9/25/13 11:08am)

TT: How Will UT Regent Impeachment Probe Play Out? (9/25/13 11:07am)

TT: Will Texas Railroad Commission Race Draw Attention? (9/25/13 11:07am)

WASH POST (The Fix): Ted Cruz’s forceful indictment of the Republican Party (9/25/13 9:27pm)

WASH EXAMINER: Wendy Davis was a media hero and Ted Cruz is a ‘grandstander’ (9/25/13 9:27am)

THE HILL: Cruz filibuster could leave House little time for response to Senate (9/24/13 11:59am)


DMN: Cruz, Obama both need to change tune in budget battle (9/25/13 6:55pm)

DMN: Don’t fire Mike Miles (9/25/13 6:53pm)

FWST ($): Another step to make the voter ID suit a moot issue (9/25/13 6:38pm)

FWST ($): Who wants ‘Green Eggs and Ham’? (9/25/13 6:34pm)

CHRON: This flood-control project needs further discussion (9/25/13 6:16pm)

SAEN: Perry’s obstruction so obvious (9/25/13 5:46pm)

SAEN: Ted Cruz is speaking for himself (9/25/13 5:46pm)

AAS ($): Commission should leave no doubt about commitment to transparency (9/25/13 5:27pm)

WSJ ($): The Cruz campaign against Obamacare (9/24/13 3:48pm)


M. DAVIS ($): Proud to see Cruz paint with bold colors (9/25/13 6:57pm)

LEUBSDORF ($): Obama burnishes foreign policy legacy as Congress flounders (9/25/13 6:56pm)

J. PAUL ($): UT nuclear security report error-ridddled, lacking credibility (9/25/13 6:41pm)

U.S. SEN. CORNYN ($): Bipartisan legislation is the best way to defeat Obamacare (9/25/13 6:25pm)

WHITED & ACKERMAN: America’s electric infrastructure too dependent on water (9/25/13 6:21pm)

FALKENBERG ($): Parents demand quality education for autistic son (9/25/13 6:12pm)

HAMMOND ($): Health care law will cost thousands of jobs (9/25/13 5:57pm)

G. GARCIA ($): Von Ormy mayor eyes Cortez’s lege seat (9/25/13 5:54pm)

COUNCILWOMAN TOVO & COUNCILMAN MARTINEZ ($): Keep older apartment buildings safe (9/25/13 5:30pm)

HERMAN ($): High-dollar parking lot art (9/25/13 5:20pm)

DOUTHAT: The ambition of Ted Cruz (9/25/13 2:06pm)

WEINSTEIN: How Ted Cruz and defund Obamacare can win — in just 6 steps (9/25/13 2:04pm)

BRACERAS: Liz Warren, Ted Cruz share Lone Star state of mind (9/25/13 2:01pm)

DEACE: Ted Cruz is on a path to the White House (9/25/13 1:54pm)

JAPSEN: As Ted Cruz Talks, Obamacare Sells For $328 A Month (9/25/13 1:52pm)

BAHL: Evolution and public health (9/24/13 11:14am)

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THINK PROGRESS: Federal Court Allows DOJ To Make New Voting Rights Arguments In Texas (9/25/13 2pm)

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