Dallas Morning News Bias – September 25, 2013

*Cruz leads lonely attack on budget bill, p. 1A – Actually, Cruz attacked Obamacare, the massive, leftist job-killer — and he did it quite effectively, though DMN Dem Todd “The Hack” Gillman doesn’t include a single thing he said about it. Someone speaks for hours on end — longer than “Abortion Barbie!” — and we don’t get a syllable of relevant remarks. LOL (Not so for The News’ Davis-filibuster report in June. That coverage also included a fawning profile. See below.) Context: The fricking UK Daily Mail, below, has a better report on this than a paper from Cruz’s home state. … DMN Editor’s Note: Today’s Gillman report is a “Long Take,” as opposed to his “Quick Take” yesterday — an extended Op-Ed, if you will.
*[Obamacare] Costs may be under forecasts, p. 1A – You don’t say! Really? See below, stuff The News just won’t tell you about Obamacare:
*Huge [West Texas] wind farm planned, p. 1D – Missing context: wind is the most unreliable source of “renewable” energy there is; over 500,000 birds are killed annually by U.S. wind-farm turbines; the wind sector is being kept afloat by massive federal government subsidies. (Another tip-top, biased report from DMN Democrat scribe James “Windy” Osborne! He currently holds the record for Words Written About Wind Farms Without A Single Hint Of Negativity. Kudos!)
*[Dallas County] Budget set for voter ID lawsuit, p. 1B – Will we soon see DMN reports implying wasted taxpayer money, that this is not worth the fight — like we’ve seen for Farmers Branch and illegal immigration? …………………………………….. No. How about a column or an editorial? …………….. No.
*Domestic violence case against News reporter [James Ragland] dismissed, p. 1B – Oh, good. The News gets a snarky, lib columnist back. Not enough of those. … So Ragland walks ‘cuz his wife wouldn’t testify — and The News is good with that, evidently. (As a good scribe might say, “…. EVEN AS The News fully backs Dallas mayor Rawlings campaign to stop domestic violence and knows full-well beaten wives often won’t testify against their husbands.”)

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.