Dallas Morning News Bias – September 24, 2013

*Kenya security forces claim control of mall, WashPo, p. 1A – Some improvement here today: The News switches from NYT/AP to WashPo for this and the words “Islamic,” “al Qaeda,” and “jihadist” appear on 1A. Thank you. … (Still — The News’ copy editor calls the Muslim terrorists merely “‘multinational’ militants” in the subhead.)
*Rise in deaths overwhelms S. Texas county, AP, p. 3A – Thank you again.
*Illegal flow of migrants still rising [in Texas], p. 1B – Holy cow! We got us a regular Dallas Morning Breitbart News today! (Except DMN Dem scribe Dianne Solis goes out of her way to find anecdotal support for the notion that Mexicans aren’t to blame for the increase. Who cares, ma’am? Secure the border.)
*Blocking Obamacare at any cost, Schnurman Business Commentary, p. 1D – Here he is! Schneering Schnurman on why bending over for Obamacare makes good business sense! The usual propaganda: “[Texas] ranks last on health insurance coverage and still rejected about $100 billion in federal funds to expand Medicaid over the next decade.” And what happens then, Schnurm? Lemme help — Texas is stuck with paying for it. Also, Schnurm uses the misleading “health insurance coverage” as if that equates to service or care; “Nationwide, 6 of 7 people who use health exchanges are expected to get federal subsidies to help cover the costs.” Expected? You don’t know, Schnurm? This thing cranks up in 6 days; “A family of four earning $25,000 annually would get a subsidy of $9,300, covering 95 of the premiums …” Wow! That’s almost free, man! But what about the “family glitch” we’re just learning about, Schnurm? That’s where perhaps 500,000 children will be left without coverageand families could be stuck with a $15,700 bill. That’s from Kaiser too, Schnurm, whom you cherry-picked today. And how ’bout Forbes reporting yesterday that Obamacare will increase health spending for a family of four by $7,450 a year? You left all that stuff out. … Funny — Schnurm’s entire premise is that Republicans oppose Obamacare out of pure politics — and he writes this purely political crap.
*Cruz, Cornyn set for split on Obamacare, Todd Gillman’s Quick Take, p. 5A — Quick Take – that’s a DMN Op-Ed appearing as “news” — ‘case you’re new to this venerable critique. (Wayne Slater’s Between The Lines— or, more accurately, Between Wayne Slater’s Ears — is another.) … Here DMN Democrat Todd “The Hack” Gillman mocks Cruz again as an “agitator” whose “bluff” House Republicans called, and whose possible filibuster“[stalls] a [Senate] vote on exactly what he’d been asking for” — basically a fool’s errand not worthy of “anything [we] learned on Schoolhouse Rock.” (Gillman later admits Cruz’s plan will indeed stop Harry Reid from removing Obamacare-defunding from the House bill.)
*Obama weighs risks of encounter with [new] Iranian [president], AP, p. 1A – You can believe it, folks! This Hasan Rowhani is a “moderate cleric.” AP says so and The News photo-caption repeats it. (Recall, our mainstream media, including The News’ editorial board, hailed Egypt’s Arab Spring as blooming democracy and poo-pooed the thought that radical Islamists would take over.)
*Finally, Dallas’ apologizes [for 1973 killing of Hispanic boy], Editorial, p. 10A – Libs just love it when a government official rises to apologize for an entire population that had nothing to do with a single heinous act — especially when these apologies have political benefits. Here, “Lovey Howell” Willey’s crew positively swoonsover Mayor Rawlings’ apology for each and every in citizen of Dallas, past and present, for one cop’s despicable actions. This went so well for Mayor “Flintstone,” perhaps he’s planning a Big D-a-culpa for JFK’s murder? The News would be on board for that. Stay tuned!

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.