Dallas Morning News Bias – September 21, 2013

1) Homosexual activist shooter sentenced to 25 years in prison
(Folks, The News ignored this for PURELY ideological reasons. … Read about hero Leo Johnson below. You’ll never see it in The News.)
2) Democrat official wishes death on Ted Cruz aide’s children
(The News repeatedly notes Greg Abbott’s “thank you” response the “retard Barbie” tweet, etc. — but ignores this.)
3) 17,679 things the federal government has done since sequestration
From yesterday
*[GOP state AG candidate] Patrick walked away from big debts, p. 1A – A personal bankruptcy 27 years ago? My, the lengths The News will go to screw a Republican. Thought for the day: Might there be a 30-year-old untoward skeleton in dear Wendy Davis’ past? We’ll never know, folks — at least not from The DMN.
*Texans to suffer in food stamp cuts, advocates say, p. 6A – The obligatory media response to ANY cuts to our ravenous welfare state: un-fricking-bridled hysteria. … BTW, no mention here that food stamp use in America is at record levels and growing.
Meanwhile today’s DMN “news”
*Government moves closer to shutdown, NYT, p. 1A  OH, MY GOD!! Cataclysmic disaster!! “Without resolution, large swaths of the government could shut down Oct. 1, and a first-ever default on federal debt could follow weeks later[!] — [and it’s all nutty Republicans’ fault!!!]” … Another hysterical load of crap, friends. Not mentioned anywhere in this epic Dem talking point: the federal government has “shut down” 17 times since 1976; nobody defaults, nobody dies.
*[Chicago] Parkgoers hit in crossfire, 13 wounded including 3-year-old, AP, p. 4A – And AP blames it on ……… lax gun control! The News chimes in with a highlighted pull-quote: “[W]e’re not going to have success as long as these guns keep flowing into our community.” Not mentioned: Chicago already has the toughest gun laws in the U.S.
*Texas grid getting greener even before EPA crackdown, p. 1A – Funny, The News welcomes a federal government “crackdown.”
*Going great gusts; Wind power’s blowing strong in Texas, p. 1D – And ain’t it swell?swoons DMN Dem scribe James Osborne. Loved this: “While no formal analysis has been undertaken, government officials and those within the industry say … more and more space on the grid is occupied by wind.” And this: “All signs say the growth in wind power is only going to continue.” (‘Course, it may take a crackdown — but what the hell?) … Now, tell me again — how many eagles are slaughtered each year from this totally unreliable energy source? Story doesn’t say. (Annually, this wonderful “green energy” kills perhaps half-a-million birds — but you’ll not see that in The News.) … Also, to the extent wind is “cheap,”that’s because it’s backed by Dear Leader’s play money — OUR money. (Also not mentioned here.)

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.