Texas State Board of Education Pressured by Evolution Supporters

Science Textbooks Evolution Debate Reignites

Biology text books are currently under review by members of the State Board of Education (SBOE).  Terrence Stutz tstutz@dallasnews.com had an article on this in Dallas Morning News on 18 September 2013; “A textbook evolution debate”.

There are two views on education. One is: a student well educated will become a productive citizen.  The other is: a student well indoctrinated will become a controlled citizen.  What type of citizen do you want your child to become?  Are you aware of the power that the SBOE has over what is taught in Texas public schools?  Do you care?

What should our children be taught in their class rooms?  Should the text books be strongly influenced by special entity groups?  Per Mr. Terrence Stutz’ article, “Evolution proponents and critics clashed Tuesday over proposed Texas high school biology books that point to Charles Darwin’s theory as the only logical explanation for the origin of humans and other life forms on earth”.  This infers that students should not have a different conviction or “… question Darwin’s basic principles”.  Do you concur that your child should NOT be allowed to question Darwin’s theory of evolution in biology?

The two strong proponents of each side of the argument are Don McLeroy, former SBOE Chairman and SMU anthropology professor Ronald Weherington.  Quoting each position as documented in the Dallas Morning News article:  “McLeroy urged the board to adopt the biology books ‘as a final blow to the teaching of evolution in Texas schools.’   He asserted the books are filled with ‘unsubstantiated’ statements in support of evolution.

“‘The evidence for evolution in these books is incredibility weak.  And if there is no evidence, there is no evolution,’ said McLeroy, a Republican from College Station.  ‘Young creationist students will be able to sit there and say: Is this all the evidence they have for evolution?  Well, maybe God didn’t use evolution.’”

Professor Wetherington stated: “social conservatives who were on the textbook reviewer teams made ‘false claims’ about the books to try to force publishers to water down evolution coverage.

“’Their arguments often expose an ignorance of the very materials they are attempting to review’, he said.  ‘I ask you to not let Texas once again become a national embarrassment’.”

Texas textbooks are used in other states so they have a large impact in what students in other states as well as Texas are taught.  Where do you stand on the issue of textbook content?  Do you know where you SBOE member comes down on this and other important text issues?  If not, you should!