Dallas Morning News Bias – September 20, 2013

1) IRS continued tracking conservatives from Dallas office
(The scandal moves right into Big D! Will The News be all over it, put armies of scribes on this? NO.)
2) Dems walk out of Benghazi hearing for victims’ family members
3) Dems fundraise off of Navy Yard shooting
(Nothing in The News on this, but they did hand-wring over GOP fundraising off of W’s heart procedure. Really, guys, what’s more “crass?”)
4) Brazilian president cancels state visit to U.S.
(This never happens, dear readers. Also in this report: Experts say this raises questions of Dear Leader’s standing in the world.)
5) Waiting tables provides most of female job gains in Obama’s ‘recovery’
(Dear Leader’s War on Women!!)
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”:
*[Tom] DeLay’s conviction is tossed, p. 1A – Missing from DMN Dem scribe Todd “The Hack” Gillman’s account:
— the name Ronnie Earle, the corrupt Dem DA who brought these bogus charges, then retired;
— the fact that Earle shopped this case past multiple grand juries before getting an indictment;
— the fact that current Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg — whom Gillman does quote — was recentlyarrested for DUI.
(If you think that last one nitpicky, Gillman does take time to note, “[DeLay] appeared as a contestant on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ He didn’t win.”)
And — after noting DeLay was at a prayer meeting when he got the news, “The Hack” implies hypocrisy with, “He said he’s not ready to forgive and forget.” (You don’t see DMN scribes effort those shots for Texas’ Barry Scheck-“exonerated” inmates — do ya?) See a real report on this below. … Also, recall what The News’ editorial board said about DeLay in 2011:
It’s possible that convicted felon Tom DeLay will never spend a night in a federal prison, but his sentence sends the right message to lawmakers: Skirt the laws, and you may go to jail. The former Republican lawmaker is appealing the guilty verdicts, and a lot of people think he’ll successfully avoid prison. Although DeLay did not steal money for himself or his family, the trial findings — that he helped illegally divert $190,000 in corporate money to Texas House candidates in 2002 — represents a serious end-run around campaign finance laws. Visiting District Judge Pat Priest handed the remorseless DeLay three years on the conspiracy charge and 10 years probation for money laundering. This newspaper believes that’s an appropriate sentence because lawmakers who break the law should expect more than a slap on the wrist.
*[Ted] Cruz looks for allies; catches flak instead, p. 8A – More classic Todd “The Hack” Gillman: Cruz“goaded” House Republicans into their defund-Obamacare bill (Could’na been the people, Todd?); Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee are “agitators”; Cruz’ Senate backers are “tea party acolytes.” None of these terms are used with Democrats in The DMN, i.e. “Agitator Wendy Davis goaded her unruly pro-abortion acolytes to further disrupt the proceedings.”
*Pope: Mercy above rebuke, AP/NYT, p. 1A – Of course this is front-page! The Pope sez don’t sweat theabortion and homosexuality stuff! Cool, baby! He gets it!! So progressive, no? Actually, it’s not. Paganism has been around for thousands of years. The Left is simply taking us back.
*Temperature data clouds report, AP, p. 12A – The News’ misleading subhead: Scientists unsure how to explain surface warming figures. NO, that’s “cooling figures.” The story, Mr./Ms. awarding-winning copy editor, is about how the Earth is not and has not been warming for at least 15 years — though green-house gases have risen. So, here, lemme help: Man-made ‘global-warming’ no longer evident; Scientists struggle to explain cooling figures.Better, yeah?

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