Dallas Morning News Bias – September 19, 2013

1) Syria crisis reveals uneasiness between Obama, U.S. military  
2) 27 percent of Americans know what QE2 ‘stimulus’ is
(Good job, mainstream media!)
3) Gun-control bastion Chicago is now U.S. murder capital
4) Dems distancing from Obama on budget
5) Seniors turn on Obamacare
6) Famed Cleveland Clinic announces layoffs due to Obamacare
7) Michelle Obama pressures food execs to change marketing ways; ‘closed session’ excludes media
8) 40 scientists debunk man-made ‘global-warming,’ ‘not plausible’
Meanwhile, The News’ “news”
*[IRS] scrutiny continued, GOP says, AP, p. 5A – Actually, the news was: IRS officials have told investigators they were “acutely” aware of Obama’s and Dems’ desires concerning tea party groups. … (The News runs thispiece, inadequate as it is, single-column, against-the-spine, bottom-of-the page, with tiny headline font. For a GOP prez targeting libs, this storyline never leaves 1A.)
*Perry defends touring gun factory near D.C., p. 5A – Hey, here’s a headline you’ll not see in The DMN:Obama defends arming al Qaeda terrorists in Syria. … (Note: this Perry sneer-smear goes at the TOP o’ the page.) … DMN Dem Todd “The Hack” Gillman’s first sentence terms Perry’s attempt to bring jobs to Texas his“national job-poaching tour.” Funn-eeee!! (“Poaching” is illegal, BTW.) Gillman then implies Beretta USA is partly to blame for Tuesday’s mass-shooting because it makes the “9mm handgun the Navy Yard shooter took off a slain guard and turned on other victims …” Gillman’s lead quote? An anti-gun nut calling Perry “callous” and lacking in “sensitivity.” Other than that, “Hack” — right down the middle!
*In gubernatorial run, [Wendy] Davis should learn from [Ann] Richards; Between Wayne Slater’s Ears, p. 3A – Here’s how The News treats a Dem, (paraphrased): Poor Wendy will be attacked by mean, white GOP men, who you’ll recall once worked their seething evil against Blessed Ann Richards. George W. attacked sweet Ann for being soft on crime and anti-gun, which — though he never once mentioned her gender — really meant he was mocking her for being a woman. (Hear that, ladies?) And they’re set to do it again to our precious Wendy — so watch for that!! … “3-Dub” also rehashes Greg Abbott “thank[ing] a supporter for a Twitter message that called [Davis] ‘retard Barbie,'” and “his top political adviser sen[ding] out a link asserting that Davis is ‘too stupid to be governor.'” The over-under for how often those 2 vignettes appear in The News over the next 12 months: 29.
*Extremists capture Syrian town, NYT/AP, p. 8A — You mean the al-Qaeda “rebels,” right? “Extremists” is what Dear Leader Obama and the media call U.S. conservatives. … No reminder here that Dear Leader is armingand feeding these guys. Important context, no?

Author: Rick Atkinson

Rick creates highlights of the news with an eye toward pointing out the bias of the Dallas Morning News, conservative values, and events that impact the local north Texas area.