Dennis Scharp
Dennis Scharp

Are you satisfied with Texas’ 83rd legislative session?  Perhaps a better question would be:  Were you aware of Texas’ 83rd legislative session?  Did you follow it?  Did you participate (contact your legislators, go to Austin in support of or against pieces of legislation) during the legislative session?

Positives during the 83rd legislative session:

  1. The House had new conservative representatives who, for the most part, banded together to support conservative legislation
  2. Conservative bills on abortion, transparency, and gun rights were passed

Negatives during the 83rd legislative session:

Having a strong majority of conservatives in the House, the house passed many bills that were anything but conservative and many good bills never made it out of committee

  1. Toll road prevention bills, for the most part, were gutted of most of, if not all, of the preventative measures
  2. Most of the education reform legislation was not passed
  3. Immigration reform legislation was not effectively addressed
  4. Nullifying Obama-care (also known as Boehner-care) did not occur
  5. The budgeting process was a fiasco; processes was focused on robbing the rainy day fund

Are you thinking about the 84th legislative session?  YOU SHOULD BE!  I know that we are all busy and we have the 2014 elections to think about; however, right after the fall election your legislators will be filing bills for the 84th legislative session.  Therefore, NOW is exactly the right time to be thinking about and planning for the 84th legislative session.

Steps to take beginning today:

  1. Join the North Texas Citizen’s Lobby (NTCL)
  2. Subscribe to the NTCL Newsletter
  3. Between now and 1 January identify the issues you believe the legislature needs to address in 2015.
  4. Beginning in January, refine your list with specific items within the issue(s).
  5. Once the specifics are identified:
    1. Contact your legislators informing them of you desire for them to file specific bills to address the specifics of your issue(s)
    2. If possible generate the language & format of the bill and send it to your legislators
    3. Follow up with your legislators once a month regarding the status of your bills

Remember, we live in a republic, not a democracy.  For our government to function properly “We the People” (YOU) MUST be actively and continually participating in your governance.  It is not only your privilege to participate; it is also your civic responsibility to participate.

The North Texas Citizen’s Lobby is here to encourage and assist you in your participation.


  1. The citizenry MUST be actively involved for the Republic to function
    as a Republic. Being involved requires the citizen to propose and
    monitor the State legislation process through his/her participation.

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