The Richest City in America

 by Ron Woodruff


In 1960, Detroit had the highest per capita income of any city in the U.S.   Wow!   How much farther could a city fall in 50 years?   But surely, nothing like that could ever happen to Houston or Dallas or Austin or McKinney!   Not here.   Right?   No Way.   Right? 


Did anyone intentionally destroy Detroit?   We can’t give even the most vile America haters credit for directing  the total fiscal collapse of a great city, although there are some who both relish in and even profit from that kind of American failure.  Sadly, as our founding fathers so well understood, it is the very nature of human beings to abuse and corrupt offices of power, and that is the root cause of Detroit’s disaster.  Do not be misled into believing that racial strife or the auto industry’s problems were the primary cause.  No way.  Whenever one faction is given monopoly power over a government, without effective checks and balances, corruption and mismanagement are nothing less than inevitable.

Does Texas enjoy automatic immunity from such a fate?   Don’t bet on it.   The same forces are at work right here under Texas skies, undermining our cherished institutions, dumbing down current and future voters, seizing control of the education industry and the propaganda media piece by piece.   Our God-given traditions of decency and integrity are standing strong but the threat is massive.   What, then, is the future of this bastion of liberty and self reliance?

The answer is that the future of Texas is in our hands.   If we are passive, then the radical activists will continue to advance toward their secular humanist vision for the lives of future generations, because they are not passive.  They are committed.   But we have the freedom to stand and fight for the traditional values that made America the spiritual and financial envy of the world.

Our best days are still ahead of us – if we are still capable of the same kind of passion for liberty that caused the founding fathers to just say no to the most powerful and tyrannical institution on the planet.   They signed their own death warrants when they signed the Declaration of Independence.   Those patriots cared deeply enough to risk everything, to lay their very lives on the line for our liberty.   Are we willing to stand against the forces that destroyed Detroit, the richest city in America?

The North Texas Citizens Lobby is committed to just such a stand.   If we are willing, then it can’t happen here.   If not, then we deserve a fate no better than that of Detroit, but our children and grandchildren deserve better.  Freedom is never free.


Author: Chuck Molyneaux

Member of leadership committee of the McKinney Tea Party, Collin County Precinct 60 Chair, Membe of Texas TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee