Who Grants Individual Rights?

by Barbara Harless

“All rights are derived from property”, as is so aptly stated by the step-father of the U.S. Constitution, Michael Badnarik.  The foremost piece of property that entitles us to all other property is that of our bodies.  If denied the right to defend one’s self with force equal to that of an aggressor, then who’s right to life (property) is being denied?  How much would a betting man win if he showed up to a duel with a government issued butter knife and his opponent had a keen samurai sword, or more poignantly put: what idiot would do so?

Then why would a Texan grant government or its bureaucracy the power to limit his ability to protect property, or face penalty?  Only those not wishing to accept the responsibilities that are required with inherent rights, would do anything of the sort.

Rights are the opposite of privileges: one is inherent and one is granted, one cannot be altered by man and one can, one is possessed by kings and the other by slaves.  Man’s inherent desire and right to preserve life is granted by God, not men or governments.  Inherent rights cannot be granted or withdrawn if the right is not possessed in the first place.  Since men create governments through their inherent rights, it is the right and the duty of all Texans to make it clear to the governments they create that governments were not, and will never be, granted authority to withdraw the right of self-defense (2nd Amendment) regardless of any legislation to the contrary.

No matter how much non-criminal data government requires me to submit, I am endowed with an inherent instinct of fight or flight and no law can change that or claim to grant me the permit to do so.

Author: Chuck Molyneaux

Member of leadership committee of the McKinney Tea Party, Collin County Precinct 60 Chair, Membe of Texas TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee

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  1. Great article, Barbara— the basic premise of our freedom explained simply and eloquently.

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