Guns & Gold…bills to be heard on Monday

May 11, 8:45am

There are three 2nd Amendment bills being heard in public hearings on Monday, May 13, as well as HB 78.

HB 78 (Simpson | Hilderbran | Thompson, Senfronia | Lucio III | Canales)… is David Simpson’s bill to exempt small purchases (under $1000) of metals and coins from sales tax. It will be heard Monday morning in the Senate Finance S/C on Fiscal Matters. We FAVOR this bill.

The three gun bills, all to be heard in the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security, are all GOOD bills protecting our 2nd Amendment:
HB 928 – (Krause | Sanford | Fletcher | Lavender | Sheets, et al)… Nullifies federal overreach regarding second amendment protections.
HB 1076 – (Toth | Klick | Springer | Phillips | Bonnen, Dennis)… Relating to certain firearms, accessories and ammunition within Texas ; providing exemption from federal regulation, providing penalties
HB 1314 – (Creighton | Price | Fletcher | Branch)… Unlawful seizure of a firearm by a federal agent, with penalties

If you can go to Austin to testify and/or register for/against these bills, your participation is greatly needed. All of the bills being heard Monday are important. If you can come to only one of the hearings, that is still a significant help!

(….thanks to Nancy and Kelly for keeping us updated!)

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