2 thoughts on “SB 241 – Smart Meter Citizen Protection – White Paper and Notes”

  1. additional notes as of 8am Thu May 9, 2013:
    SB241 would be voted on yesterday … Well, the vote never happened. 21 votes are needed and the votes are not there yet. The senators listed below are uncommitted and we need to help them make a decision. Please call these Senators, especially if you’re in their district, and ask them to support SB 241 Smart Meter Opt Out at No Charge .

    This bill would keep Texas from merging its electrical grid with the rest of the nation. If Texas merges its grid, Texas will lose its energy independence. This bill will also give every Texans the right to opt out of a Smart Meter and to ask that it be removed if one is already installed. Should Citizens have the right to remove a product from their home that they deem is harmful to their families? YES! Why should we be charged for something on our property we didn’t ask to have in the first place – these utility companies took a law that said encourage and have made it mandatory. These devices are not meters, they are remote control computers that are designed to communicate with every “smart appliance” in a similar manner to how your computer prints to a wireless printer.

    These are the senators that need to hear from us.

    Birdwell -R 512.463.0122
    Campbell 512 463-0125
    Davis -D 512.463.0110
    Deull – R 512.463.0102
    Duncan -R 512.463.0128
    Ellis -D 512.463.0113
    Fraser -R 512.463.0124
    Huffman -R 512.463.0117
    Nichols –R 512.463.0103
    Rodriquez -D 512.463.0129
    Selliger -R 512.463.0131
    Uresti -D 512.463.0119
    Zafferini -D 512.463.0121

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