Spending the Rainy Day Fund & Debt

The TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee Advises our congress members:

by Joann Fleming

1) DOES NOT…support the Governor’s plan, the Dewhurst plan, or the Straus/GOP Caucus leadership plan for either a water or transportation if the plan busts the spending cap or raids the ESF. Period. This is a reckless Washington DC-style course your leadership is on. Remember what your principles are and apply them. The very idea that with 95 Republican House members we are down to a choice to raid the fund with Repubs or drain the fund with a Rep/Dem combo is frankly pathetic. There are sensible, workable options which have been discussed with your leadership ad nauseum, but leadership won’t consider them.

If the GOP establishment wants to go hold hand with the Dems and spend more of the ESF, stand back and let them go over the cliff, but for heaven’s sake SPEAK UP about WHY you don’t agree. Don’t let them take you over the cliff with them! Correcting mistakes is what elections are for, and we have some very big statewide races next spring.

2) We DO NOT support any more debt. We don’t care if interest rates are low. Debt has escalated 125% in the last 10 years (LBB document in case you don’t believe me.) We do not care that some of your advisors think 100 year bonds are just fantastic. What do you think will happen to contractor pricing if you open up this new debt spigot? Borrow and spend is just a tax increase on the future, and a vote for more debt will be scored as a tax increase.

We won’t be in the gallery, but you should know that groups around the state have been told to watch online. We really hope the rumors that some of you signed a pledge with leadership to help them get their votes is just a rumor.

Hold fast to your principles. That is what you were elected to do. Godspeed.

Author: Chuck Molyneaux

Member of leadership committee of the McKinney Tea Party, Collin County Precinct 60 Chair, Membe of Texas TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee