Foreign Corporations and our Highway System


Bill to hand 20 TX roads to foreign corporations passes 113-29!


See who voted for it here

>> Not a whimper of debate, no opposition, no amendments or attempts to kill it, NOTHING!

More info on this bill below…




Contact your State Representative and ask them to:


“VOTE NO ON HB 2748, which fails to protect property rights & makes it harder for landowners to challenge illegal eminent domain use by private companies. We support HB 3547 instead, which gives adequate safeguards to landowners and genuine legal recourse for possible eminent domain abuses.”


>> Find out who your State House member is here.

>> Call the Capitol switchboard – (512) 463-4630 and/or email using this formula:

firstname. lastname @ house. state. tx. us

(take out the spaces)

If your House member is Joe Straus email him here:


Author: Chuck Molyneaux

Member of leadership committee of the McKinney Tea Party, Collin County Precinct 60 Chair, Membe of Texas TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee